Snoozer Pregnancy Pillow

Nov 23, 2009
Sleep problems are not uncommon for pregnant women. Many women find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep during pregnancy.

First of all, most moms-to be have trouble sleeping because of the growing belly, which makes it uncomfortable to sleep in many positions. Sleeping on your back or on your stomach is not recommended because it can lead to such problems as backache or decreased circulation. The only sleeping position during pregnancy that is advised by specialists is on one side. However, many women do not get used to sleeping on their side easily. For this purpose, you can use pregnancy pillow.

Snoozer Pregnancy Pillow is designed to provide support and comfort during sleep, which is especially important during pregnancy. The ergonomically shaped pregnancy pillow follows the natural lines of your body, giving you the ultimate relaxation during sleep. The Snoozer Pregnancy Pillow comes with different fillers, including natural goose down and synthetic down fillers. The other advantages of using pregnancy pillow include:
  • Accommodates to the body changes of a pregnant woman
  • Provides better support of the body, relieving tension on the back and joints
  • Gives proper support to the growing belly
  • Contributes to muscle relaxation
  • Promotes adequate spinal alignment
  • Provides healthy circulation in the body
  • Can be used to alleviate tension and swelling in the legs
  • Great to use for comfortable breastfeeding
  • Does not restrict mobility during sleep
  • Helps to relive snoring

Snoozer Pregnancy Pillow is created to give full body rest during pregnancy. The upper section of the pregnancy pillow supports the neck, the head and shoulders. The middle section supports your back and relieves pressure on the belly, while the bottom section can be tucked between the knees. You can also arrange the Snoozer Pregnancy Pillow in different ways so that to provide comfort to particular part of the body.

The pillow can be used during the sleep as well as during the day as a couch cushion or to keep your legs elevated to relieve tension. You may also try to use two or more pillows at once for additional comfort during sleep. If you want to have a good night rest during pregnancy, pregnancy pillow is an ideal solution to your sleeping problems.