Snore Stopper Reduces Snoring

Dec 29, 2011
Snoring makes your life miserable? Now, there is no reason to ruin your relationships just because of this health problem.

The new health gadget Snore Stopper by Hivox promises to make night more peaceful and silent.

The device that is worn on the wrist during sleep uses gentle electrical current to stimulate users to change sleeping position that can induce snoring and interfere with other people's sleep.

The Snore Stopper wristband has self-adhesive gel electrodes that, when activated after 3 consecutive snores, sends gentle electrical pulse to the user's wrist.

That pulse is soft enough for the wearer, but detectable for the user's brain, which will make the snorer change his position. As you might know, lying on your back make snoring worse, while sleeping on your side is known to prevent or reduce snoring. Thus the Snore Stopper is like a kick from your partner, which is claimed to be gentler, making you less noisy during the night.