Sona Anti-Snore and Mild Sleep Apnea Pillow

Mar 11, 2010
Snoring is a common problem that not only can be a sign of more serious problem, but also disrupt other people's sleep. It is known that sleep is one of the most important parts of a good health and psychological well-being. Almost 50 percent of people face snoring problem at least occasionally, while more than 20 percent of people have sleep apnea and may not even realize the potential dangers of these conditions.

SONA FDA-Cleared Anti-Snore and Mild Sleep Apnea Pillow is a FDA-cleared pillow recommended for those, who want to stop snoring and get rid of sleep apnea. The anti-snore pillow has a SofLoft fiber fill that gives soft feel and right support for the head and neck. The pillow cover is made of 100 percent cotton that is easy to wash. The pillow measurements are 10-inches by 12-inches by 27-inches.

It is known that changing sleeping position into sleeping on your stomach or on your side may relive snoring. When a person sleeps on his back, it often leads to the narrowing of the airways, while sleeping on your side will open airways and may help you stop snoring. However, not all people will feel comfortable sleeping on their side with the regular pillow. The Sona Anti-Snore and Mild Sleep Apnea Pillow shape allows comfortably sleeping on your side, supporting neck and shoulders and elevating your head in the right position. As a result you will be able to sleep through the night and awake up relaxed and refreshed.