Sound Beginnings Helps Your Baby Learn in the Womb

Aug 27, 2010
Nowadays many parents want to raise smart and healthy children, beginning from the womb. Playing music to your unborn child is not a new idea and you can find a number of sound systems, like the Ritmo, designed especially for this purpose.

A new gadget Sound Beginnings developed by Creative Baby company, allows to play music, voice or relaxing sounds to an unborn baby to help expectant parents create a special bond with their child during pregnancy. As many researchers suggest that babies can not only remember things while in the womb, but also learn, you can contribute to your child's emotional, mental and physical development as early as possible.

Sound Beginnings Pre-Natal Sound Delivery System consists of a comfortable nylon/Lycra band with build-in speakers that help parents play music, sounds and voices to their baby, using an MP3 player. The speakers are covered in padded vinyl to keep the sounds at the safe level for the baby and reduce harmful vibrations. The band of the Sound Beginnings system can be worn all day long under the clothes without the necessity to remove it.

The Sound Beginnings allows all family members and friends record their voices and save them on the mother's account, using Sound Delivery service. The messages will be converted into MP3 files and the baby will have a chance to listen to all the important messages, even before he or she is born.

The device is a winner of numerous awards including Disney's iParenting Award and the Parent Test Parent Approved Award.

You can find it at amazon.com for $ 49.95.


Oct 15, 2012 09:46 PM » posted by: Toni
best thing to do is wait until you find out what you are having if you dont want to know then wait out until you take your sorgonam at the 20 week mark this way you know your pregnancy statis. newborn cloths i would buy only a little bit if any. 0-3 months cloths is what would be more useful. babies grow really fast. your baby might be to big for newborn cloths also. about two weeks worth of cloths is good to start. a bunch of onsees and pjs are great to get. a couple 3-6 month cloths are great to have incase your baby grows really fast which happens with bigger babies. a crib car seat and bouncer is the best things to get first. shoes are not needed until the baby is walking. people pay out lots of money for them to be woren by the shelves theyll sit on. booties are great to get. also burp rags and bibs because formula can stain outfits.

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