Speech Buddies Help Kids with Articulation Problems

Jan 24, 2011
If your child has difficulties saying certain sounds or letters or pronounces some sounds incorrectly, Speech Buddies may help overcome these problems.

Speech Buddies Professional Set are specially designed health gadgets that look like toothbrushes. They are used to help children with articulation problems training the correct tongue position. The devices are registered medical tools created by the team of designers and engineers that can be used at home or by speech specialists.

The series of Speech Buddies train such sounds as R, S, SH, L, and CH, which are often the most difficult ones. It can be used for children aged 4 and over. And as it is often easier to teach a child in a form of fun activity, the company offers online word games and training videos to improve child's articulation. It is claimed that practicing sounds and words with Speech Buddies eventually leads to proper pronunciation without them twice as fast.