Speedo Aquacoach Tracks Your Laps

Aug 03, 2011
If you are a swimming devotee, nothing can be more motivating than knowing your advancements in swimming. And since many cyclists already use cycling meters to get all the useful information about their speed, distance and other characteristics, why not use the same devices for swimming sessions?

The Speedo Aquacoach is a new watch that uses advanced technology to track your laps, distance, speed, calories burned and make your sessions even more meaningful. It features an inbuilt accelerometer to count strokes per lap automatically.

Needles to say, it is water-resistant to 100 meters and can be used in any pools over 15 meters.

The Speedo Aquacoach gadget can store up to 50 swimming sessions, helping you to improve your performance and beat your own record.
More information on Speedo.com