Strollometer Helps You Lose Baby Weight

Oct 29, 2010
Many new mothers can hardly find time for themselves, because child care takes almost all of the time. And what about getting in pre-pregnancy form? Today many women follow a new trend, jogging with their baby in the stroller.

New moms join stroller groups, where they can meet other moms and workout without leaving their baby. The basic workout gear is a stroller and even better, the jogging stroller.

A jogging stroller is a great way to get fit and spend time with your baby or toddler. There are many ways to involve stroller in your workout routine, like jogging, doing stretching and other exercises. But like with any fitness plan, it goes much better when you are motivated to achieve a success.

The new gadget called Strollometer Wireless Stroller Speedometer
is designed for every enthusiastic mom who wants to track her strolling routine. The simple and easy-to-read speedometer fits any stroller, including jogging stroller, traditional stroller or any other type. You just strap it on to the handlebar and the Strollometer will track everything that you need to make your strolling fitness even more effective. You get the accurate speed, including average, current and maximum speed, trip distance, the temperature, trip time and current time and daily mileage.

There are no more excuses for not having enough time for exercising. Now you can have all the necessary information about your daily strolling and may be add some changes to your strolling routine.