Suit that Monitors If You Are Doing Your Exercises Right

Feb 11, 2011
We all know how to stay healthy by following e few simple steps: eating the right food, exercising, avoiding smoking and alcohol. However, most of us fail to keep to these basic rules of good health, simply because we need a proper motivation. Some people ask diet and fitness specialists for advice and others want to manage their new goals alone.

And for those, who are reluctant to seek for professional help, there is a smart Fitness Assistant system, developed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS in Erlange in Germany.

The Fitness Assistant is basically a suit with sensors that tracks user's movements during exercising and sends the results to your TV, computer or smartphone. It also monitors the user's vital signs such as breathing. The smart system evaluates the data and encourages, giving advice on the proper training, which are suitable for personal needs.

Before you start training with the electronic Fitness Assistant system, your trainer or other specialist creates a personal exercising plan and your exercises are recorded to ensure the proper performance. When you start exercising at the comfort of your home, you look at the recorded trainer (aka you or other specialist) on TV or computer. The Fitness Assistant analyzes if your performance coincides with the recorded one and makes certain adjustment, encouraging you to train better.

Researchers of this gadget work on improving the electronic suit to makes measurements even more accurate. The program is initially aimed at older people and patients, undergoing rehabilitation, but can be used by anyone who wants to stay fit.