Sunglasses That Let You Look On the Bright Side of Life

Dec 15, 2011
We wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from UV light that may damage our eye health. But innovative sunglasses that let the light shine into your eyes are meant for a different purpose. Sequinetic sunglasses is a useful gadget for those who suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) or winter blues that makes us feel depressed during certain seasons.

The name Sequinetic comes from "Seqineq", which means sun in Greenlandic and ""Kinetic" that means motion in Greek. It's a kind of wearable light therapy that is well-known known to improve mood in people with mild depression symptoms. The sunglasses feature six powerful LEDs and a reflector that bounces daylight around your eyes. According to the developers of Sequinetic, you can boost your energy level and your mood by wearing those glasses 30 minutes a day.

And do not worry about ultraviolet damage, as the Sequinetic sunglasses are 100 percent UV-free. The sunglasses are designed to fit any size and work on two AAA batteries.

More info at Seqinetic.com