SunTech Introduced Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs

May 17, 2011
SunTech Medical a company that is known for its clinical-grade non-invasive blood pressure products and technology has released series of disposable blood pressure cuffs.

These blood pressure cuffs were developed to reduce cross contamination especially, when infection is involved.

The company's manager explains that disposable blood pressure cuffs is a sensor and works a as a first point of contact to get the blood pressure measurement. The cuffs are made of soft materials and have tapered-end and rounded edges for comfortable and easy application. Each cuff has a color indication to specify the appropriate size. The cuffs also feature interior and exterior range indications to help the cuffs fit perfectly. A dedicated location for single patient identification is especially useful when cross-contamination becomes an issue.

Disposable blood pressure cuffs is a comfortable and inexpensive solution for those, who need constant blood pressure monitoring.

SunTech Blood Pressure Cuffs line also includes a variety of blood pressure cuffs for general use, for home monitoring, ambulatory monitoring and for exercise testing.