Superfeet Green Performance Insoles Fight Foot Odor

Mar 25, 2010
People, who spent a lot of time walking or doing other lengthy activities on their feet, know that proper support and comfort is very important for the best achievements and well-being.

Superfeet Worldwide Inc. is a well-known manufacturer of the feet insoles that are meant to keep you healthy, fit and active in any situation. The company offers a great range of insoles for sportsmen and people, who have various health problems wit their feet, like plantar fasciitis, bunions or blisters.

Superfeet Men's / Women's Green Performance Insoles were designed for maximum shock absorption, great support and balance. These are ideal insoles for running, hiking, walking or other activities. You may simple remove the old insoles in your running shoes and insert Superfeet Green Performance Insoles.

These Superfeet Insloes feature rocker bottom to let foot roll, the thicker part and the soft part to provide room for soft tissue expansion. The insoles help you feet feel comfortable while you are running thanks to its special design that allows the right landing and stability.

Superfeet also has an Agion® antimicrobial protection that helps to decrease bacteria and prevent foot and shoe odor. Thanks to silver-based protection, it reduces the bacteria that causes unpleasant foot odor. You need to remove the Superfeet Insoles from your shoes every day to keep the insoles fresh longer.

Those, who deal with plantar fasciitis, a condition when a person experiences pain in the bottom of the feet, which is common for runners or pregnant women, will also find these insoles helpful.