Suunto M4 Heart Rate Monitor is an Ideal Personal Trainer

Sep 24, 2010
If you are determined to make all your workouts effective and to make sure you follow the right path, it's time to get familiar with new heart rate monitor that will work as your personal trainer.

Suunto M4 Heart Rate Monitor is designed for those, who have an active lifestyle and want to make the most out of it. Aside from heart rate monitoring, this fitness watch is able to guide you everyday, whenever you decide to lose weight or become fitter.

Suunto M4 gives you daily workout instructions with the suitable duration and intensity. You just need to set fitness goals and the watch will tell you what to do next. You will get a workout plan for a week and it will be automatically adjusted to your daily routine. If something goes out of the schedule, Suunto M4 Heart Rate Monitor will change your workout plan so that nothing will be missed.

The Suunto M4 Heart Rate Monitor also sends you feedback messages to motivate you during workouts. It looks cute and is easy to use at home, while walking or in the gym. If you do not want to follow a whole fitness program, you can choose a free training option and enjoy you own exercise routine. You can watch your progress in real time or online. Exercise data can be uploaded toMovescount.com. The instructions and data are available in 9 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish and Finnish.