SweatBlock Wipes Stop Body Odor for a Week

Jul 27, 2011
The summer heat brings in excessive sweating and much hated sweat stains on your clothes. If you've tried everything to get rid of unpleasant body odor and still have no success in this area, the SweatBlock antiperspirant wipes can be your next best solution.

In fact, the SweatBlock wipes work for up to 7 days, keeping you dry and odor-free during days and nights. The wipes are soaked in a specially formulated antiperspirant solution and then dabbed on underarm area before bedtime. The wipes work best at night because sweat glands are not so active.

The antiperspirant solution creates invisible chemical block that stays on the skin that does not wash off or leave a film. The SweatBlock wipes should be applied once a week and you can perform your daily routine not worrying about sweating. The antiperspirant formula does not irritate skin and is pleasant to touch.

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