Take Vitamin D to Boost Your Immune System

Nov 25, 2009
Vitamin D is claimed to be a new natural antibiotic as scientists reveal numerous health benefits of this vitamin.

While most of the population is considered to be deficient of vitamin D, taking the adequate amount of this nutrient can help you prevent a great number of health problems, including heart disease and flu. Specialists think about the necessity to increase the daily intake of vitamin D for adults and children due to its health benefits.  

The study conducted at Oregon State University found that vitamin D activates immune system by stimulating the expression of antimicrobial pepetide gene called cathelicidin. This plays an important role in fighting infections, regulating immune response against viruses and bacteria and helping to cure minor wounds.

Scientists hope to use cathelicidin in the development of new therapies against such diseases as tuberculosis, AIDS and others. Vitamin D is essential for immune system, inducing the natural immune response and regulating overactive immune response. This may help control autoimmune disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and sclerosis.

It is known that around 70 percent of the people in the US suffer from vitamin D deficiency. This is especially true for winter time when the level of vitamin D is low.Several studies linked vitamin D deficiency with high risk of cancer, respiratory infections and flu. Otherwise, the increased levels of protein linked to vitamin D reduce the risk of infections and inflammation. Vitamin D also plays an important role in controlling blood pressure and prevention of heart diseases.  

The study has been published in a journal Future Microbiology.