TENA Super Plus Protective Underwear for Men and Women

Oct 12, 2010
Bladder weakness is a common problem for pregnant women and new moms. The hormonal and physical changes may cause certain problems such as urinary incontinence. Using the right products in this case may protect you from such unpleasant surprises as accidental leakage.

TENA, one of the leading brands that make incontinence products has released new, improved TENA Super Plus Protective Underwear for men and women with maximum absorbency.

The specially designed underwear is developed for men and women, who face bladder control problems and want to have effective and discreet protection from leakage. Unlike other incontinence products, the TENA protective underwear looks and feels more like regular underwear, but still offers great protection against any leakage.

New TENA Super Plus Protective Underwear absorbs 40% more liquid than before. These incontinence products use innovative technologies, such as laminate material, which makes it possible to cerate more secure fit and comfortable feel. The Advanced Odor Protection technology eliminates odors, while the re-designed Lock Away Core shape makes sure you are fully protected against leakage in seconds. The underwear feels soft and comfortable thanks to its cottony-soft material. The TENA stays in place as you move, run or do other regular things. The TENA protective underwear is anatomically designed for men and women and has the necessary protection on the right places.