The True Reasons Why You Fail to Lose Weight

Jul 15, 2009
Most people, who went on a diet, gained their weight back within four to five years after initial weight loss. Others may gain even more weight than they had before weight loss. Why you cannot lose weight despite trying hard?

In fact, there are many factors that hinder our attempts to maintain an adequate weight:

You focus too much on dieting

Counting calories and restricting yourself from certain foods can actually make you more obsessed about eating. Dieting becomes your primary activity, while everything else is second place to weight loss. Most dieters start dreaming about forbidden food, which becomes more and more desirable, which sooner or later may lead to weight gain.

Health tips: The best advice here is to stop thinking about weight loss all the time and start focusing on other things. Make new friends and take up a new hobby or activity, be it swimming, collecting, dancing, yoga or anything else that appeals to you.

You are a couch potato

Eating less will not work for you if most of the time you spend sitting at your PC. The truth is that you should make efforts to lose weight and not just pick low-fat and low-carb food.

Health tips: There are many ways to stay active besides exercising in a gym. Walking to work, going up and down stairs instead of elevator, gardening and even having sex more often can make a big difference in your sedentary lifestyle. If you are overweight and want to lose weight, regular physical activity is the only way to maintain adequate weight.

You are not satisfied with your body image

Many diet specialists say that their weight loss method did not work because you do not have enough willpower to lose weight. Advertisements promote thin people as being more successful and beautiful, while many of them do not tell that dieting can be quite harmful for you.

It is known that women, who are dissatisfied with their body image, are more likely to engage in self-destructive behavior. For most of them, body image is linked to self-esteem, which makes them avoid personal relationships and underestimate their worth at work. The feelings of dissatisfaction with you body increases your risk of developing eating disorders, which eventually may lead to weight gain.

Health tips: Psychologists say that support is often more effective than your weight loss plan. Focus on other interests besides weight loss, like traveling or writing. Notice positive sides of your personality, which are not all concentrated around your body image.

You are alone in your weight loss struggle

When you decide to lose weight, one of the most difficult part of this marathon is to follow your weight loss plan while others around you will seem to enjoy all the pleasures of "unhealthy food". Let's just say, it's quite hard to resist TV advertisements, fast food restaurants, your friends and family and many other factors in your struggle with extra weight.

Scientists say that when we think that we have to abstain from certain food and eat less than others all the time, it increases stress and food cravings. Many people, sooner or later get back to their usual lifestyle simply because they do not want to feel isolated with their weight loss plan.

Health tips: One thing you can do about it is to find some support and encouragement from people, who also want to lose weight. You can either join an online community or find friends around you to resist the numerous temptations.

You just do not need to lose weight

More than 25 percent of men and almost 50 percent of women, who were defined to have normal weight, believe that they are overweight. Many people associate thinness with health, which is not always true. They start starving themselves and skip meals to lose weight, which in its turn slows down metabolism and can badly affect their body functions and overall health.

So if you diet does not work, what can be done? The truth is that there is no fast and easy way to lose weight. Healthy lifestyle is far more important than fad diets and strenuous exercising. Eat in moderation, stay active and be positive to maintain good health.