TheyFit Offers 95 Sizes of Condoms

Dec 13, 2011
Do you hate condoms? May be they just do not fit right. The recent research showed that poor-fitting condoms can not only cause sexual dissatisfaction, but may also lead to increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. All these may be a result of wearing wrong-sized condoms, which tend to slip and break when you do not expect it.

Do not know which size to choose? TheyFit condoms include 95 sizes with various girth and length combinations for a perfect fit. The condoms are pre-lubricated, colorless, odorless and comply with essential requirements of CE marking.

To find out which size are you, the company developed a measuring tool FitKit. If the condom feels comfortable and fits snuggly in position, you have chosen the right one.
The new condoms cost £6.99 for a box of six condoms and so far are available in Europe.

More information at TheyFit.co.uk