6 Things You Should Know About Healthy Food

Sep 24, 2009
Many of us are cautious about the food we eat and mistakenly believe that avoiding certain foods can make us slimmer and healthier. Otherwise, some products are claimed to be super foods, while in fact they can be not healthier than fast food.

Calories Are Not So Bad

Most people, who want to lose weight, think that counting calories will do the job. In fact, the excessive consumption of so-called light food may lead to belly fat just as well as the consumption of full-fat foods. This is because some of the low calorie foods make us feel hungry earlier, which may result in increased cravings. Dieticians say that its not the calories but the ingredients in the food that matter when it comes to weight loss and overall health.

You Need Dairy and Fat

Many people avoid eating milk and dairy products because they think that these products are high in unhealthy fat, which is known to contribute to numerous health problems like heart disease, cancer and obesity. In fact, dairy products are important for a balanced diet and provide your body with essential nutrients that are heard to substitute with other foods. It should be mentioned that pregnant and breastfeeding women and children are at increased demand for dairy due to its high calcium content and often suffer from calcium deficiency because they do not eat the proper amount of dairy products.

Fat Free Salad is Not Healthier

If you believe that salad dressing will add more calories and make your diet less healthier, you may need to think again before leaving your salad fat free. Scientists say that salad dressing is good for your health, because fat that is added to vegetables help your body absorb more of those essential vitamins and minerals, which are fat-soluble. The study at Ohio State University showed that people absorbed more of essential antioxidants lutein and beta carotene if they eat vegetable salad with fat dressing. Opt for healthy fat such as olive oil to increase the benefits of vegetables and fruits.

Yoghurt is Not a Wonder Food

Many of us know that yoghurt is good for health because it contains live active cultures that boost immune system, prevent gastrointestinal infections and cancer. However, many people prefer fruit yoghurts, which are usually simply fruit-flavored treat without any hint of fruit and are packed with sugar, fat and additives. Moreover, some yoghurts are heat treated to prolong its shelf life and make yoghurt taste better. The heat processing simply destroys all the beneficial cultures and make yoghurt no better than a sugary treat. If you want to stay healthy, opt for plain yoghurt with live and active cultures seal that contain at least 100 million cultures per gram.

Fruit Juice is Not the Same as Fruits

Many people believe that fruit juices are the healthiest options to get plenty of vitamins and minerals from them. However, many fruit juices can hardly be compared with natural fruits. In reality, most fruit juices sold in supermarkets have little to do with real fruit juice, and have more sugar than a candy bar. Some fruit juices are simply Also many nutrients are lost through the process of making the juice and storage. Note that natural fruits are not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but also fiber, which is essential for good health.

Supplements Won't Substitute Natural Food

The fear of additives, pesticides and other chemicals can make you think that it is better to have vitamins in pills instead. However, such choice may not only be useless but also quite unhealthy. Specialists warn that supplements should not be considered as a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet. Also the excessive doses of some vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin D may not be safe for your body. Besides, improper doses of supplements may create imbalance of vitamins and can impair the enzymes that are necessary for vitamins absorption.