6 Things You Should Know About Vitamins

Jan 21, 2009
1. Vitamins do not cure the diseases

Vitamin supplements are often believed to be a miracle cure for different illnesses including common cold, cancer, depression and heart disease. Vitamins are essential for normal development and proper metabolism. However, vitamins cannot be used instead of drugs but they are necessary during an illness when the body is deprived of nutrients. And in some cases, the additional supplements of vitamins can be harmful for health and worsen your condition.

2. Overdose of vitamins can be toxic

Many people think that taking more vitamins is good for their health. In fact, the numerous stuidies showed that some vitamins taken in excess can do more harm and even increase the risk of mortality. For example, fat soluble vitamins such as A,D, E and K can be stored for a long time. When they are accumulated in high amounts, this may lead to negative consequences. The overdose of vitamin A during pregnancy can cause birth defects and may also lead to nausea, hair loss and sometimes death. The excess of vitamin C can lead to diarrhea, headaches, nausea and disturb the balance of other nutrients like iron. You should also be careful with iron, zinc and selenium supplements.

3. Some vitamins should not be taken together

Some interactions between vitamins may lead to its poor absorption. For instance, iron supplements do not go together well with zinc and may also interfere with absorption of vitamin E. Calcium impedes the absorption of iron that's why they should not be taken together.

4. Some vitamins should be taken together

Taking some vitamins without its companion may be absolutely ineffective. For example, iron should be taken with vitamin C for better absorption, while calcium supplements should be taken with magnesium. Some vitamins when taken isolated do not have its beneficial effect, like vitamin D that works together with calcium. Vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12 and folic acid make a good companion.

5. Vitamins will not substitute a healthy diet

It is known that the best way to provide your body with vital vitamins is through food. While doctors claim that nowadays food doesn't have the right amount of vitamins, eating vitamin supplements instead of vegetables and fruits is not the best thing to do. In food, vitamins usually occur in a balanced combination, which contributes to its better absorption. For example, provitamin A usually is found in food that also contains other caratenoid companions, helping to get the best of this vitamin. Besides, some food components that have its beneficial effect on our health are not fully understood.

6. Some people should avoid certain vitamins

Also not everyone can take vitamins as they may worsen your health condition. For instance, too much vitamin C is dangerous for people with diabetes. The study conducted at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis showed that high doses of vitamin C for older people with diabetes increases the risk of coronary artery disease. People with thyroid hyperfunction, diabetes, hypertension should be careful with vitamin E. Those who were diagnosed with kidney stones or cancer should not take calcium supplements .


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Jan 06, 2013 04:05 PM » posted by: Josephine
Just wondering if I was to take Vitamin A and vitamin E together,would it be bad for my Thyroid as I am on Synthroid daily for this

Jun 04, 2012 02:57 AM » posted by: Kristen
This article is not accurate at all. Do you know how many deaths have been linked to vitamins in over 20 years? 10. And it's not a fact that vitamins were the actual cause.
Vit C will not cause kidney stones. It's water soluble and you urinated excess out. You can't stockpile most vitamins therefore they are not deadly.
"vitamins cannot be used instead of drugs". Oh YES they can and they are. Google orthomolecular medicine.
This article is a joke.

Apr 24, 2012 12:00 AM » posted by: btoy
I disagree vitamin c is excellent for people with type 2 diabetes I take large doses of it daily and it helps with ciculation and all

Apr 14, 2012 01:26 AM » posted by: jerrieann
I had 18 kidney stones in my left kidney, which were removed.. My Urologist told me to continue taking my calcium supplement.

Dec 07, 2011 09:10 AM » posted by: Lorraine
I am 87 and have been a vitamin taker all my life and would like to see a test for all children on what they lack in vitamins

Mar 31, 2011 10:52 PM » posted by: Donna
Is it okay to take the following together? its more so for Anxiety.

Be Friend Passionflower
St Johns Wort
B Complex
Vit C
Vit E



Mar 02, 2011 11:41 AM » posted by: susan Tooth
great information keep it coming it helps know some one who as cancer and taking calcium supplements should not take them

Jan 21, 2011 05:58 AM » posted by: Janette
I'm so happy I found this article, I was overdosing myself with some many vitamins, thinking I was doing the right thing...I was taking Multivitamins, vitamin A, E, D, Restrovel, and super antioxidants. TXS. Ill be more careful!!!

Jul 19, 2010 11:47 PM » posted by: Heather
Great! i didn't know B-6 & B-12 and folic acid are a good combo. I was researching what would complement B-6. Thanks :)

Jan 10, 2010 10:14 PM » posted by: suzie
Thank you for this information! It was a great, solid resource to show my teenager who thought she knew everything :) , when, in fact, she self-prescribed and was taking two vitamins that shouldn't be taken together. A little knowledge is dangerous!!!

Mar 21, 2009 10:11 PM » posted by: gail
I knew there were certain vitamins/supplements that should not be taken together, but I couldn't remember which ones....Thanks for the interaction info.

Feb 18, 2009 09:11 PM » posted by: sandy
wowwwwwwww it's great i learn alot of things from this article

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