Timex Ironman iControl Works With your iPod

Apr 22, 2011
If you do not want to part with your iPod while exercising, try using the health gadget that works in sync with it, like Ironman iControl Watch from Timex. This workout watch makes iPod use much easier thanks to a transmitter that attaches to your iPod, which allows you to control the volume, change tracks, play or pause and other functions, while you are running or biking.

Besides this, The Timex Ironman iControl has other Timex useful features, including 3 timers, 3 alarms, 3 timezones. You can keep track of time using 2 interval timers for speed and endurance training and one countdown timer. It also has 50 lap memory recall chronograph and three time zones for travelers.

You can safely swim with this watch, as it is water resistant up to 100 m. Overall the watch is sturdy and pliable and is available in a variety of nice colors, from black to pink that would appeal to both men and women, who lead an active way of life.