10 Tips to Preserve Vitamins While Cooking

Mar 10, 2010

Many people know about the importance of vitamins for their health, but underestimate the effects of cooking method on the food's nutrient content. Some foods can lose many vitamins after cooking, while others may otherwise become more absorbable when prepared. How to reduce vitamins loss during preparation? Here are the simple steps to preserve vitamin's health benefits while cooking:

  1. Avoid soaking vegetables and fruits beforehand. This leads to the loss of some vitamins that dissolve in water. It is better to wash vegetable and fruits right before cooking.

  2. Try to steam vegetables with little water rather than boil them in water. Boiling makes vitamins wash away in water.

  3. Cover the pot while cooking, which will reduce the cooking time and result in less vitamin loss.

  4. Use a stacked steamer to prepare various types of foods at once and help you save energy.

  5. Prepare vegetable soups to preserve vitamins that were washed away in water, where they have been cooked.

  6. Use microwaving method to prepare food as it reduces the cooking time and requires little water.

  7. Prepare whole vegetables or cut them in bigger pieces and chop afterwards, as slicing foods will also decrease the amount of vitamins in the foods.

  8. It is better not to peel the fruits and vegetables when cooking to reduce nutrients loss.

  9. Use simmering method, cooking at low temperature instead of boiling because high heat will destroy vitamins.

  10. Cook vegetables until they become tender and slightly crispy, but not too soft. Also watch out for the color of the veggies and fruits as brighter color means fewer vitamins have been lost.