Tooth Tattoo Tells About Infection

Apr 05, 2012
Future of the medicine looks promising with medical tattoos and smart pills and now the new innovation that will make detection of the diseases even easier.

The tooth tattoo made of grapheme senses the presence of bacteria in your mouth to tell what's taking toll on your health. The sensitive tattoo sensors detect bacteria in small concentrations which helps in quicker diagnosis.

The material of the tattoo - grapheme is one-atom thick layer of carbon with thoroughly constructed peptides on its surface that picks up the bacteria. The graphene is printed onto water-soluble silk and implanted onto the surface of the tooth. Once in place the silk dissolves, leaving the sensor. The sensor also features radio frequency identification tag for extra monitoring. When bacteria attaches to the peptides, it results in small electric current in the graphene, which can be picked up by the antenna to diagnose the infection.

Michael McAlpine and his team at Princeton University who developed the tooth tattoo, said that such tattoos could be used by soldiers when you need to quickly detect bacterial infection from wounds.

Via Royal Society of Chemistry