Toothbrush That Requires Once a Day Brushing

May 04, 2011
You probably know that brushing your teeth twice a day is a must if you want to maintain healthy teeth. But with the new toothbrush you may reduce tooth brushing to once a day habit.

Misoka toothbrush was developed by Japanese company Yumeshokunin and is claimed to make once a day tooth brushing just as effective as usual twice a day routine. Why? Their toothbrush has bristles coated with nanomineral that makes the surface of the teeth hydrophilic. This means that bacteria and other materials do not stick to your teeth.

As a result your teeth stay clean 24 hours and you have a fresh breath due to the reduction of bad breath-causing bacteria.

The manufacturers of the Misoka toothbrush hope that their toothbrush will be useful for busy people, who do not always have time for tooth brushing or for those, who travel and will find it more suitable to brush their teeth once a day.

Via [Newlaunches.com]