Toothbrush that Tracks Your Dental Care Habits

Feb 20, 2012
We all know how important it is to follow the good dental rules, brushing our teeth twice a day. However that does not mean that everything is done how it should be. Whether you suspect your child skipping the healthy habit, or you forget to do it properly, the new Bluetooth toothbrush can help.

Beam Brush tracks your teeth brushing habits and sends this data via Bluetooth to a smartphone app. The toothbrush has a sensor that works through the contact with the mouth. The toothbrush actually monitors when and how long you brush your teeth.

The Beam Brush will become available in early March, as well as iOS app, while the Android app is ready.

The toothbrush seems to be useful for monitoring other family member's habits, especially kids, but if you are self-conscious about your health the tool certainly improve your dental care.