Top 5 Best Toothbrushes for Kids

May 14, 2010
Making your child follow regular dental care routine can be tricky and require imagination and patience from the parents. Every parent knows how important is to choose a good toothbrush to keep your child interested in tooth-brushing and enjoying the process. Here are the best of the kid's toothbrushes:

Tooth Tunes

While it can be difficult to make your child brush teeth twice a day, it can be even more challenging to make your child brush teeth for about two minutes just like specialists recommend.

Tooth Tunes give your child a possibility to keep brushing with fun, listening to the kids favorite song. The smart toothbrush encourages thorough brushing with music that a child can hear only if he or she is brushing. Each of the Tooth Tunes toothbrush plays children favorite songs, like We Will Rock You by Queen or Hannah Montana We Got the Party and others.

Kid's Crest SpinBrush

The toothbrush for kids should not only be functional, but also very appealing.

Kid's Crest Kids SpinBrush features children's favorite characters, such as Spider man, Astronaut, Mermaid, Hulk, Iron Man and others, making tooth brushing fun.

Spinbrush is a powered toothbrush with smaller head for child's mouth and comfortable grip. It is also great for massaging kid's gums and reducing plague, keeping your child's teeth healthy.

Dr. Fresh Fire-Fly Toothbrush

Dr. Fresh Toothbrush Fire-Fly Flashing is a perfect choice for children, who are not so interested in tooth-brushing and need some motivation.

The Fire-Fly features lightup timer that flashes for one minute and turns off when the child is done brushing. The trick is to go on brushing until the light goes out. This will help your child develop proper dental care habits and prevent cavities.

Oral-B Kids Stages Battery Toothbrush

Oral-B Kids Stages Battery Toothbrushes are designed specially for kids depending on the four stages of child's teeth development.

Most of the Oral-B toothbrushes feature Disney characters, such as Princess Blue, WALL-e, Tiger and others to become child's best friend in tooth-brushing.

Ergonomic handle with smooth edges and hand stabilizer makes it easier for the child to handle the toothbrush, while the rotating powerhead brushes in 6 different ways to clean your child's teeth thoroughly, reaching the most hidden zones in the mouth.

GUM Seasame Street Powered Toothbrush

If you are looking for the first toothbrush for your toddler, GUM Seasame Street Powered Toothbrush is an ideal option for small mouths.

The very soft bristles of the toothbrush smoothly clean your kids teeth, while the oscillating action of the toothbrush massages gentle gums. The Gum Seasame Street Toothbrush features ergonomic handle make it comfortable for a child or the parent to hold it during tooth-brushing.

The toothbrush is available in various characters like Big Bird, Cookie Monster and others.