Top 5 Newest Yoga Crazes

Sep 13, 2011
Nowadays everybody seems to enjoy yoga. There are classes for the young and old, office workers and for those behind the bars.

Yoga is known to reduce pain, stress, deal with various health problems, boost your brain function and your performance. While the main principles of yoga remain the same, many people add their own meaning to this practice.

Here are the most interesting, weird and fun yoga trends that appeared recently.

1. Naked Yoga

Some people want to free not only their mind, but their body too. Going naked is the newest yoga obsession and is claimed to have numerous psychological benefits. The followers of the naked yoga want to get rid of clothes that restrict their body and mind, going to a new level of freedom and honesty.

The naked yoga instructors say it makes people bare it all, discovering their bodies without shame, fears and restrictions. Naked yogis also enjoy the spirit of overall appreciation and acceptance and that special bond with others.

The naked yoga classes are especially popular among men, and particularly among gay communities. But keep in mind that naked yoga has nothing to do with sex, but is about appreciating your own body.

2. Laughter Yoga

We all know that laughter is the best medicine. It reduces your stress level, improves your mood, beats depression and anxiety, boosts your immune system and controls your blood pressure.

That's why new yoga trend - laughter yoga is appreciated by people of all ages around the world. Laughter yoga includes a number of techniques that bring in laughter, like laughter greetings or laughter meditation. Though at first you may force yourself into laugh, usually the fake laughter turns into real one.

The aficionados of laughter yoga say that laughter exercises various muscle groups, increases heart rate and improves respiration. The study conducted in India found that laughter yoga may significantly reduce cortisol level and blood pressure and overall contributes to better health and well-being.

3. AntiGravity Yoga

Antigravity yoga is another yoga trend for aesthetics-conscious that is meant to boost your flexibility, agility and strength, having good time and creating beauty. It was developed by former world-class athlete and choreographer Christopher Harrison and combines the elements from yoga, pilates, calisthenics, dance and aerial arts.

During the yoga sessions students hang in hammocks that are attached to the ceiling, bending and twisting their bodies in intricate ways. This allows them to stretch in absolutely new ways, like for example, in upside-down position. The anti-gravity practice has a number of benefits, such as spinal decompression, increased mobility of tense joints, pressure relief, hydration of vertebral disks, circulatory and lymphatic system boost and many others.

However, some people, especially those who suffer from vertigo, may find such yoga technique challenging as aerial yoga may make them feel a bit nauseous.

4. Doga

Yoga is not just a human privilege. Doga or dog yoga classes are meant for yogi and their pets, becoming increasingly popular. The new yoga trend was developed by Suzi Teitleman, who found that her beloved spaniel enjoyed her yoga routine.

During doga sessions owners and their dogs perform stretches and poses, including "downward facing dog", massage and meditation. Though most of the stretches are done by the owner, the instructors say that doga benefits both, strengthening the bond between the pet and the owner and improving circulation and digestion.

5. Floating Yoga

Floating yoga is a new yoga fad that has emerged quite recently. Basically, it is yoga on a wide paddleboard that lasts from 10 to 30 minutes on calm shallow waters in the heart of Mother Nature.

Paddleboard yoga comes from the widespread popularity of paddleboarding and requires a great deal of balance. The new floating yoga is said to increase your sense of focus, strengthen your core and improve your stability skills. Some traditional yoga poses are modified to meet the challenges of the paddleboard. And while the wrong posture on the ground may go unnoticed, the lack of focus on paddleboard can quickly send you right in the water.