Top 10 Healthy Christmas Gifts Moms-to-Be

Nov 29, 2010

1. My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule

If you want to give a timeless Christmas gift to your wife or friend, who is expecting, buy her a time capsule that will keep all those precious memories about the most important period of a woman's life.

The My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule comes in a form of a heart-shaped USB drive where you can upload numerous photos, videos, documents, audio files and other information. The capsule is filled with 100's of guided questions to keep track of your health and emotional state, including weight, ultrasounds, baby's heartbeat, baby names and many others.

You can add as many information as you wish, filling in your pregnancy journal to keep unforgettable memories for you and your family. Using the time capsule is a perfect way to store all the important info about your pregnancy, baby's health, pictures and videos of your baby, your likes, dislikes, worries and planning. The My Pegnancy Digi Time Capsule was awarded by iParenting Media Award and many others.

2. The New Mom's Stress Survival Kit: 30 Survival Tips for the New Mother

While motherhood is a time of joy and new impressions, for many new mothers it will also become a time of constant stress and fatigue.

The The New Mom's Stress Survival Kit comes with dozens of helpful tips that will make a new mom relax and distress. Using 30 cards with tips, easy-to-execute rituals and meditation, you can find some time for yourself and help restore the piece of mind and emotional balance. The kit also includes a stress-eliminating sleep mask to make sure a new mom can always take a nap and no one disturbs her.

3.Hypnobabies Home Study Course for Expectant Mothers

Many pregnant women are scared of labor and find it hard to cope with pain and other problems they might hear from other women, who gave birth.

To make it easier for your beloved woman to prepare for the birth of your baby, learn about natural birth with Hypnobabies Home Study Course for Expectant Mothers. The course includes hypnosis tracks and educational information based on Master Hypnotist Gerald Kein's Painless Childbirth Program and makes childbirth more comfortable and easier.

A pregnant woman can learn about nutrition, exercising during pregnancy, physiology, birthing choices, health and safety issues and train herself to give birth without pain. It also includes information that can be used by woman's partner to support her during labor.

4. Maclaren Beginning Travel Kit for Mother

Maclaren Travel Kit For Mother is a pampering kit for a mom-to-be. Expectant mother can take this kit everywhere and feel comfortable in any circumstances.

The kit includes a special selection of skin care products, such as massage oil, alleviating leg lotion, purifying bath and shower elixir, balancing facial mist, supporting belly balm and nurturing bath milk that contain essential orange oil and other natural ingredients.

The kit easily fits in any travel bag and has everything essential for a pregnant woman.

5. Deluxe Prenatal Heart Listening System

Nothing seems more delightful for a pregnant woman than her baby's heartbeat. This is especially important for women with high-risk pregnancy.

With Deluxe Prenatal Heart Listening System by Summer Infant, you can hear baby's heartbeat, kicks and hiccups during pregnancy and record these precious sounds to let other family members share this joy with you. The set includes two headsets, heartbeat sensor and recording cable to let you listen to your baby's sounds from the second trimester of pregnancy.

The device is safe to use during pregnancy and is completely non-invasive.

6. Bellybuds

If you want to start educating your baby right from the womb, try playing classic music with the help of Bellybuds.

Playing music to your baby in the utero is known to reduce baby's stress, improve future learning and sleep habits and create this special bond between mother and the baby.

Bellybuds are wearable speakers that can be adhered to the mother's belly to play sounds, voices and music to the growing baby in the womb. It can be plugged into any digital music player or sound device to share music and other sounds with your little one.

The Bellybuds are safe for a pregnant woman and her baby and can be discreetly worn under the clothes.

7.Total Body Pillow By Boppy

Taking into account many sleepless nights that start once the baby is born, sound sleep during pregnancy becomes even more important.

Many women use a bunch of pillows to support their back and growing belly and feel more comfortable during sleep. But you can replace all of them with one Boppy Total Body Pillow.

This pregnancy pillow has all the right curves and shape to give you a proper support for your legs, belly, back and other body parts.

Made of soft cotton, it feels comfy and allows woman to sleep soundly during pregnancy. This is truly a useful gift for every expecting mother!

8. A Little Something for Mama to Be

Make your beloved woman feel good with A Little Something for the Mama To Be. This kit was specially designed for expecting mothers to ensure the best safe skin care during pregnancy.

It includes natural toxin-free products without preservatives, artificial dyes and fragrances. Happy feet contains organic ingredients to reduce swollen sensation, Stretch Oil helps to prevent stretch marks, and Mint Herbal Lip Balm keeps lips moisturized.

All the products come in nice gift box to say how you care about your partner without any words.

9. Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Band

The Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Band is one of the most useful accessories for a pregnant and new mother that can be worn during all pregnancy months and beyond.

This maternity band can be worn with any non-maternity clothes and cover up the gaps that occur when a woman leaves her pants unbuttoned to let her belly grow. The belly band feels comfortable and gives the proper support to the growing belly of the expecting mother.

Mom-to-be can also wear it after giving birth to help her get back in shape and cover the skin during nursing.

10. Mama Mio OMG Feel Good Mini Kit

The Mama Mio OMG Feel Good Mini Kit is an ideal Christmas gift for an expectant mother that will help her feel beautiful during pregnancy.

The kit has products to care for woman's skin from head to toe, including Bust & Neck Firmer, Body Buff, Shower Cream, Super-Rich Body Cream and Wonder-Full Balm. You can be sure that the OMG Feel Good Mini Kit has everything that a pregnant woman needs.

All the skin care products contain natural oils and other ingredients for a silky and healthy-looking skin.