Top 10 Reusable Water Bottles

May 19, 2011
Our body contains more than 70 percent of water and we need water for most of our bodily functions. Drinking water is especially vital during hot summer days when dehydration can lead to a number of dangerous side effects.

Plastic water bottles that we use for drinking water end up on landfills and become a heavy burden for the environment. By using the reusable water bottles, you can help the environment and avoid some harmful toxins, such as bisphenol A (BPA) that is a hormone disruptor and has potentially toxic and carcinogenic effect.

If you want greener options, choose reusable water bottles made of stainless steel, aluminum, bio plastic, bamboo, glass and other materials. Here are the top 10 reusable water bottles for everyday use and better water drinking habit:

1.KOR ONE BPA-Free Hydration Vessel

KOR ONE BPA-Free Hydration vessel is a stylish bottle that celebrates water through form and function. This ergonomic water bottles has many useful features, such as No-Worry Cap that opens with the press of the button and doesn't bother you while you drink. The tapered shape fits perfectly in your hands as well as backpacks and laptop bags, while soft rubber base prevents the bottle from slipping or scratching the surfaces. All KOR water bottles do not contain BPA, a harmful chemical that is used in most disposable water bottles. The manufacturers of the KOR use Eastman Tritan, which is BPA-free. Buy it from Amazon.com

2.The Bamboo Original

This water bottles is a safe option that provides clean drinking of cool water as well as hot tea. The Bamboo Original is made of bamboo and glass, that preserves the safety of the watere and the endurance of the bottle. This eco-friendly water bottle is easy to clean, as the bottom and top can be removed and washed in a dishwasher.Buy it from Amazon.comTool & Gadget Sets)

3. Brita Water Bottle

If you want perfectly clean water, try using Brita Water Bottle that has its own filter, that reduces particulates, such as sediment, sand, rust, grit and others, eliminates chlorine taste and odor and is said to substitute 150 plastic bottles. Brita is BPA-free, has a pull up drink nozzle wit hygienic cover and finger loop for carrying. Buy it from Amazon.com

4. CamelBak Better Bottle

CamelBak Beter Bottle is a reusable, BPA-free water bottle that is available in a wide range of colors and sizes. It features integrated handle that allows you to carry it in your backpack or carry it on your finger.the Big Bite Valve that allows you to sip water easily, while the standard cap size fits most other bottles. CamelBak Beter Bottle is made of Eastman Tritan, new type of copolyester polymer and the Big Bite valve is made of medical-grade silicone. CamelBak water bottles are very popular among people on-the-go, mountain bikers, hikers and sportsmen. Buy it from Amazon.com

5. Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Klean Kanteen has a wide range of reusable water bottles made of electropolished stainless steel/ these water bottles will serve you for years because they are durable and sustainable. You can easily clean this water bottles and water will always be fresh and clean. Klean Kanteen water bottles are perfect for hot and cold liquids and they do not contain toxins. The bottle is lightweight and can be easily brought during long trips. Buy it from Amazon.com

6. New Wave Enviro Stainless Steel Water Bottle

New Wave Enviro Stainless Steel Water Bottle is refillable water bottle made of stainless steel/ It does not contain toxins and can be recycled in your area. The durable material makes it a perfect eco-friendly option instead of multiple plastic water bottles. The Bottles has a wide range of replacement caps to choose from and is a nideal bottle for active people. Buy it from Amazon.com

7. Sigg Classic Bottle

Sigg classic bottle is a great option for everyone, who leads an active lifestyle. It is made of aluminum, making them very durable and leak-proof. Sigg water bottles feature non-toxic, water-based inner lining having neutral taste and smell. The lightweight bottle has loop bottle cap which can be comfortably worn on your backpack. All the Sigg bottles are recyclable and can serve you for a lifetime. Buy it from Amazon.com

8. Guyot Designs Firefly Water Bottle

Guyot Designs offers a great variety of standard, commuter, backpack and other stainless steel water bottles that are BPA-free and carbon-negative. The wide mouth of the bottle allows you to drink generously and easy to clean. The Firefly model is also equipped with LED light that makes it not only a perfect green water bottle, but a useful lantern. Guyot Designs water bottles are perfect companions during travelling, sports, hiking or camping. Buy it from Amazon.com

9. Gobie H20

Gobie H2O is a reusable water bottle that also has its own water purification filter, which is a great option for travelling. The carbon filter is 100 percent compostable and removes all the harsh chemicals and contaminants. The ergonomic design of the bottle, non-slippery base, rubber finger loop provide highest comfort. The unique squeeze button allows to filter water through its carbon filter. The wide neck opening allows better refilling and easy cleaning. Buy it fromGobie.com

10. Lifefactory Beverage Bottle

Lifefactory Beverage Bottle are made of glass protected by a stylish silicone sleeve and have a range of water bottles for adults and babies. These bottles are free of BPA, phthalates, polycarbonate and other harmful materials. Glass is a great material for water bottles that does not change the taste of the water and is a greener option than plastic bottles. The wide opening allows you to add ice cubes, tea bags and citrus slices easily and clean it better. Buy it from Amazon.com