Top 5 Gizmos for Baby Making

Jul 30, 2009
Couples, who are trying to conceive, make any efforts to boost the chances of getting pregnant. Knowing your most fertile days is important for successful conception and many parents-to-be use various tools to for this purpose. Here are the most popular devices used to improve your chances of getting pregnant:

Conception Curve Fertility Pillow

Conception Curve Fertility Pillow was designed to prop women's hips after sex so that all the swimmers could have a chance to reach the egg for successful conception. Most probably many women tried to ensure this using other methods like lifting their legs up, using pillows for support and waiting for sperm to travel its way and do the job.

The Conception Curve pillow is claimed to position woman's hips, thighs and buttocks after sex so that "gravity could help nature take its course". The pillow is specially designed to fit women's pelvic tilt position with side handles for convenience. The pillow is made of polyurethane foam for comfortable support of women of many shapes and sizes. The material is easy to clean and care to ensure no mess is left after conception sex.

Fertell Male Fertility Test

For those men, who want to become a father, sperm quality is a key factor when trying to conceive. Fertell is FDA-approved home fertility test to evaluate a man's potential of fathering a baby, analyzing the level of sperm motility.

It is quite easy to use Fertell Fertility Test, especially at the comfort of your own home.  A sperm sample is placed into the container to create a favorable environment where sperm starts swimming around. Fetell tests the concentration of motile sperm and gives the result in a window.

According to the WHO, a man who has more than 10 million motile sperm per milliliter of semen has good chances of conceiving a baby. If the concentration is lower than this, he might suspect fertility problems.  

OV Watch

OV-Watch was made for women, who want to have all the essential info about their most fertile days handy. The wristwatch uses bio-sensing technology to identify changes in perspiration that indicate when your fertile window begins. OV-Watch has a special bio-sensor that detects alterations in chloride ion levels. The device can warn you about your most fertile days up to 6 days in advance. You simply wear this watch during sleep, while it takes al the fertility readings every 30 minutes to tell you results in the morning. The advantage of the OV-watch is its ability to predict your full fertile window, while, for example, most urine tests warn you about ongoing ovulation.  

Ovacue Fertility Monitor

One of the most popular fertility devices meant to predict your peak fertility is OvaCue Fertility Monitor.  This sophisticated tool is based on Electrolyte Method to track changes in your most fertile days. According to this method, a woman's body starts releasing estrogen closer to ovulation, which causes certain changes in sodium and potassium levels, or also known as electrolytes.

The OvaCue Fertility Monitor detects these changes in a woman's saliva several days prior to ovulation to tell about her fertile window in advance. This fertility monitor also serves as a personal computer, allowing you to store all the necessary data to use it like your own ovulation calendar. The device also comes with vaginal sensor to track the changes in cervical fluid for better results.

Fertile-Focus Ovulation Microscope

Another way to predict your ovulation is by using saliva-based ovulation microscope. Fertile Focus Ovulation Microscope is a monitor that tracks changes in a woman's cycle and gives information about the most fertile days. All you need is to observe the changes in your saliva structure in the microscope. The device detects ongoing increase of estrogen level using saliva sample. The appearance of the crystalline pattern or also known as "ferning" pattern indicates the approaching ovulation.

This kind of fertility monitors is quite popular because it is less costly than more sophisticated fertility devices and is easy to use.