Tres Tria Makes Co-sleeping Safer

Dec 07, 2010
Many parents choose co-sleeping with their baby simply because it is an easier solution for a mom and a baby, allows both of them have a better sleep and creates that special connection between mother and her child.

However, there are certain concerns about the safety of co-sleeping, particularly incidents of falling down, getting trapped and others. Many specialists still say that co-sleeping is not the main reason of SIDS and in fact, can even reduce the risk of SIDS. But is wise to make sure that you did everything to protect your child during co-sleeping. In this regard you can use specially designed tools for this purpose.

Tres Tria is an all-in-one pillow that makes co-sleeping safer and easier for parents and their baby. It can be used as a co-sleeping tool, pregnancy pillow, breastfeeding pillow, reading pillow, and a two-kids-one-bed pillow. The Tres Tria is an eco-friendly pillow made of natural rubber that holds its shape over time with certified organic cotton sateen cover.

If you want to use it for co-sleeping, you only need to place it underneath the sheet on your bed to prevent your child from falling down. It stays in place so you do not need to worry about dreadful incidents.

You can also use Tres Tria in numerous ways to read a book lying the bed, to breastfeed your baby or to curl around it during pregnancy. You can also place it between the two children when they sleep in the same bed. The pillow is travel-friendly and you can take it anywhere to ensure your family safety.