TRIA Laser Hair Removal System for Home Use

Mar 22, 2010
Hair removal is delicate problem for many women. There are numerous methods to remove hair from unwanted places, but many have quite a short-term effect. Many women have already heard about laser hair treatment that is claimed to provide almost permanent hair removal. Now, there is one more option for smooth and silky skin that is called TRIA Laser Hair Removal System. The TRIA system is FDA-approved device that is said to provide hair removal at the comfort of your home. You can apply TRIA on almost all body parts, including legs, underarms, chest, bikini, hands and arms. The trials of TRIA Laser Hair Removal System in 2010 showed that after three sessions of using the device, users notice as much as 70 percent decrease in the amount of hair.

The hair removal system is based on laser technology that works by disabling the hair follicles with the help of light heat from laser. In order to achieve permanent hair removal, you need to use it for 6 -8 times once in 2 or 4 weeks and then around once a month for the 5 months. This is necessary because hair is often in different growth phases and multiple uses make sure that all hair is removed.

The TRIA Hair Removal System includes the hand-held laser with skin sensor that determines if your skin tone is suitable for use and turns green to notify about it. The device works for up to 30 minutes before it needs recharging. You can choose from five different settings options, depending on your personal tolerance level. The highest comfort level is claimed to be the most effective but may feel more uncomfortable so you may choose a medium level.

The personal sensations with the use of TRIA may vary from mild prickling feeling to no sensations. The experience may also change with numerous uses, when hair becomes thinner.

Though, the device is not suitable for everyone. People with light skin tone and dark hair will benefit the most from using the TRIA Laser system. Otherwise, those with dark skin tone and blond hair may need to seek other treatment options for better results.