Trojan Vibrations Closes Pleasure Gap Between Men and Women

Apr 27, 2011
Trojan Vibrations launched a new line of vibrators that will help both partners enjoy intimate moments together. According to the recent research, there is gap in perception of orgasm between men and women. While 85 percent men think that their recent sexual partner experienced orgasm, only 64 percent of women actually reported on having orgasm. Trojan came up with the line of vibrators that are meant to "close the pleasure gap" between men and women.

The new range includes Trojan Tri-Phoria vibrator and Trojan Vibrating Pulse vibrator.

Trojan Tri-Phoria vibrator is a 3-in-1 vibrator with best quality interchangeable tips for different types of stimulation, such as hard stimulation, gentle and soft stimulation of the tongue and focused stimulation. The vibrator features 8 settings, five speeds and three varying pulse patterns. It is a perfect tool for couples as well as for solo sex play.

Trojan Vibrating Pulse vibrator brings intense focused stimulation, which is especially enjoyable for clitoral pleasure and can become a key factor in helping a woman achieve orgasm. It features 6 settings, 3 speeds and 3 pulse patterns. The vibrator is made of a a durable high-quality material, is easy to clean and care, and waterproof.

Trojan Vibrations help men and women enjoy a fun and intimacy in sexual life with their quality products.

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