TYR Corrective Optical Performance Goggle

Apr 15, 2010
Many people with poor vision face the problem of swimming in a pool without glasses or contact lenses. The TYR Corrective Optical Performance Goggle
is designed for all swimmers, who want to feel at ease, enjoy swimming and seeing everything clearly.

If you fear to wear contacts in a swimming pool or regularly wear glasses, corrective goggles are the best option for swimming and preserving eye health. The goggles feature wide-angle optical grade polycarbonate lens that allows having wide vision. Polycarbonate is one of the best choices for sport lenses that is highly impact-resistant. Besides, they are thin and light and offer UV protection.

The TYR Corrective Optical Goggle offers a wide variety of sizes to sharpen your vision and during swimming.

The goggles have comfortable fit that can be easily adjusted to everyone. You may also forget about the common problems of many goggles, when water gets inside, which can be extremely annoying during swimming. The TYR Corrective Goggle does not leak thanks to perfect fit and high quality. The gaskets with Thermal Plastic Rubber provide optimal adjustment that does not let water in and sit comfortably on your eyes. These swimming goggles meet your needs for a good vision during your activities and make you do your best.