USB Drive that Doubles as Sex Toy

Sep 01, 2011
The Crave, a San Francisco design team have created Duet USB vibrator that can be used for data storage and for sexual pleasure.

The innovative vibrator was dubbed as discreet, compact, luxury vibe and can be used as a woman's sex toy, being discreet, waterproof, virtually silent and compact. The Duet sex toy has four vibration modes and five power levels.

The USB connector of the vibe plugs into your computer to recharge. There are also 8GB and 16GB models to store whatever you want on your vibrator.

The design team of the Duet vibe has already received ,000 from its fans and the vibrator most likely will be available in October. Ti Chang, the developer of the vibe said that the success of their USB vibrator is due to lack of innovation in sex toy industry.

And for many busy women, the USB vibe can become a handy gadget that can be easily charged, takes little space and serves as data storage.

More info at Crave