Using Plastic Water Bottle as a Bidet

May 10, 2012
Those, who like travelling, may sometimes find themselves in a situation, when personal hygiene becomes a challenging task. What if the only thing you have is a water bottle? You can use Hygienna Solo, a portable faucet that can be attached to any standard water bottle and apply it to clean your privates.

The portable bidet is sutable for most water bottles as they have the same diameter of the mouth. The developers of the Hygienna Solo recommend using 500 ml water bottle, but if you need more cleaning it works perfectly well with other bottles.

To use the Hygienna Solo you need to place the nozzle at the mouth of the bottle and squeeze the bottle to get a refreshing stream of water. You can wash the nozzle with soap and warm water? let it dry and use it again.

The Hygienna Solo is available in pink and teal colors and costs 10 dollars.
More info at HygiennaSolo