Using Portable Exercise Pedaling Machines Can Improve Your Health at Work

Feb 15, 2011
If you have to spend most of your time sitting at the computer, try pedaling exercise machine to reduce the bad effects of sedentary lifestyle.

The new study that was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine revealed that portable pedal exercise bikes help your body stay more active, counteracting the effect of sitting too long at the computer.

During the study, scientists recruited 18 employees, most of whom were females and overweight, who were told to use pedal exercise machine for four weeks. The participants usually spent around 75 of their time at the desk. Pedal exercise machines are specially designed bikes that can be used while you are seating at the desk and working.

The activity of the participants was recorded with the help of exercise tracking devices, which provided all the necessary information about distance, speed and calories burned.

The volunteers used the pedal machines for around 12 working days for 23 minutes on average and covered from a mile to 13,5 miles, burning from 9 to 500 calories during pedaling.

At the end of the study the participants were told to fill in the questionnaire about the possible use of such machines at work.  

Most of them said that they would use the pedal machines, if they had such possibility. They added that the pedal exercise machines do not interfere with the work.

The results also showed that just 23 minutes of pedaling a day can considerably improve your health, if you lead a sedentary way of life.