UV Shoe Sanitizer Fights Bad Odor, Bacteria and Fungi

Feb 16, 2011
Many footwear items do not allow proper breathing, which becomes a breading ground for bacteria and fungi that lead to unwanted consequences for your health.

The SteriShoe Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer was designed to fight with this problem, killing 99,9 percent of bacteria and fungi that can cause fungus, bad odor and other health problems. The technology doe not use any chemicals and works with the help of ultraviolet light.

This health gadget sterilizes your shoes in around 45 minutes preferably in the closed cupboard to give you perfectly clean shoes. Just like many other UV devices, it works best in dark environment.

The SteriShoe features two safety functions: a compression sensor that allows sanitizing, when the device is compressed in a shoe and a sensor scan that ensures that the environment, where the shoe is sterilized, is dark enough. The device also comes with two shoe bags that provide even more darkness.

According to the manufacturer of the SteriShoe, The gadget can be especially useful for people with diabetes, who should pay more attention to their feet, as well as for people with athlete’s foot, toe nail fungus and shoe odor.