UV SunSense UV Monitoring Wristband

Jun 10, 2010
As summer heat begins, we spend more time outdoors, which exposes our skin to UV light. Many of us know that it is essential to use sunscreen or wear sun protective clothes to avoid the risk of sunburns as well as more serious problems like skin cancer and premature skin ageing. However, most people either forget to reapply sunscreen or do not realize that they spent too much time in the sun.

UVSunSense UV Monitoring Wristband is a great solution for adults and children, who head to the beach and want to be aware of their sun protection. The UV wristband is designed to monitor UV exposure to help you apply your sunscreen when it is needed. When you put on your sunscreen, you simply need to apply some on the wristband. The UV SunSense will change its color from purple to pink to alert you when you need to reapply sunscreen or get out of the sun.

The UV SunSense includes 7 Wristbands per package that are suitable for all family members.