Vaginal Steam Baths is New Trend in Infertility Treatment

Jan 11, 2011
Want a spa treatment that will make your healthier down there? It seems that women will soon turn to a new spa treatment trend called vaginal steam baths.

This may sound weird, but vaginal steam baths were used for many years in Korea for therapeutic purposes. The steam baths known as chai-yok are popular in the Eastern medicine for its anti-stress and immune-boosting properties. The baths are claimed to regulate menstrual cycles, cure infertility, bladder infections, menstrual cramps, hemorrhoids, fatigue and other conditions.  

The steam uses Eastern medicine herbs, such as mugwort and wormwood. The first is used mainly to regulate female hormones, having natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. It helps in the production of hormones that prevent various uterine problems. The second herb also has antibacterial and antiviral effect, treating bladder infections, sores, eczema, constipation and others.

Nowadays the vaginal steam baths are available in some alternative health centers. It is believed that this treatment is one of the best options to cure infertility and other below-the-belt problems. Steaming the intimate parts of the body increases blood circulation and boosts immune system, making healing process faster.