Viberect Device to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Jul 26, 2011
Reflexonic, a medical device technology company that specializes in urology has received FDA clearance for their hand-held non-pharmaceutical device called Viberect.

The Viberect device is suitable for men with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction, who have problems with maintenance and rigidity, had spinal cord injures and undergo post-surgery rehabilitation.

The gadget that can be applied at the comfort of your home uses frequency vibratory stimulation of the nerves in the penis to help men maintain an erection. The device is used prior to sexual intercourse for about seven to ten minutes to stimulate penile nerves along its surface and maintain erection. Viberect has Softpads that imitate vibrating stimulation of dorsal and ventral surfaces of the penis.

The developers of the Viberect claim that the device not only helps men maintain rigidity of the penis, but also contributes to better orgasm. The trials showed that device is safe and effective for obtaining erection and soon become available for everyone.

More information at Reflexonic.com