Vibrating Capsule to Cure Constipation

Mar 15, 2011
An innovative device that stimulates natural bowel movements can soon become available for the treatment of constipation.

The capsule called Vibrant that was developed by Israel researchers starts vibrating once swallowed, helping you deal with constipation problem. The miniature battery-powered health gadget consists of a very small electrical motor and micro-battery with the motor placed asymmetrically, so that it could vibrate, wobble and jolt six hours after it has been taken. The novel capsule is 15,5mm long and weighs about 10g.

The Vibrant is safe to use, does not have side effects and is usually excreted after it has done the job.

Constipation is a common problem that is defined as a difficulty passing stools or infrequent bowel movements. It is caused by unbalanced diet, dehydration, use of certain medicine and other factors. Usual treatment includes the changes in diet, use of different laxatives, exercising and in rare cases surgery. The new method will stimulate bowel movements naturally just as it happens during the massage of the abdomen. The device will undergo human trials next month.