Vibrating Watch for Daytime Wetting

Dec 30, 2009
Daytime wetting is quite common problem for children that can be caused by various reasons. Fortunately, for most children the condition is likely to resolve on its own over time. However, the wetting incidents become quite stressful events for children and their parents.

One of the most effective solutions to daytime wetting is to use vibrating watch for timed voiding to treat daytime wetting.  The vibrating watch is a useful tool that reminds your child about visiting the bathroom in time. This allows you child to empty their bladder on a regular basis so that to avoid the awkward situation.

Vibrating watch has a discreet vibrating reminder that can be set to alert your child about going to the bathroom at certain intervals.  For example, you can fix the vibrating watch to alarm every two hours or at particular time during the day. You will need to establish a time voiding schedule so that your child could empty bladder at regular intervals. Make sure these intervals coincide with your child's schedule to increase its effectiveness.  

The advantage of using the vibrating watch is that it is quite discreet, so that a child can wear it like a regular watch and it will not attract the attention of other children, for example.  The watch can also be used to remind your child take medications or perform other activities.  Also the use of vibrating watch for daytime wetting gives your child a chance to take responsibility for his or her urination schedule, which increases the effectiveness of daytime wetting treatment.

How to use vibrating watch for daytime wetting

  • Program the watch at intervals that are comfortable and easy to follow for your child. Most specialists recommend emptying the bladder every two hours, but following your child's own schedule is more convenient and effective. Choose a vibrating watch that can be programmed with certain time for this purpose.

  • Use the vibrating watch regularly for better results. Reinforcement improves learning for your child.

  • Tell your child how to use the watch. Explain that he or she should go to the bathroom when the vibrating watch alerts even if he or she does not want to urinate.