Vitadock App Works with iPhone, Measures your Health Data

Dec 22, 2011
Vitadock, the new iPhone app that works in sync with docking devices, is meant to monitor and check your health.

The Vitadock app is developed by German company Medisana and is available on Apple's App Store. The app works with docking monitors that visualize vital health signs and can be purchased. For example, GlucoDock is designed for diabetics to check blood sugar, Thermodock is a monitor that takes body temperature immediately using infrared technology, CardioDock is meant to check blood pressure, while TargetScale is developed for weight management. The docking devices are connected to your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

All the data is stored and can be accessed at any place any time and you can send it to your doctor or other person. The VitaDock can be used by up to four users, so it could be a great health gadget for a whole family.

More info at Vitadock.com