Want to Lose Weight? Start Hula Hooping

Feb 14, 2011
Hula hooping is just as effective as other moderate exercises, such as step aerobics or brisk walking in burning calories, a new study says.

During the new study that involved 16 women, aged between 16 to 59, the participants learned how to use hula hoops exercises, twisting them around the waist, arms and legs. The researchers tracked the participants' oxygen consumption and heart rate with the help of oxygen and heart rate monitors.

The findings of the study showed that the participants' average heart rate was around 151 beats per minute, while their oxygen consumption reached 20 milliliters per kilogram per minute. These results mean that the women burned around 210 calories during half an hour session of hula hooping.

John Porcari, PhD, an exercise physiologist at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, said that the results are quite surprising and mean that hula hooping can be considered a very effective total-body workout that increases flexibility, and make your abs, arms, legs and back stronger.

It is important to note that the participants were told to use weighted hula hoops, which are more effective and also easier to use, because they twirl slowly around the body.