5 Ways to Stop Snoring Naturally

Apr 24, 2009
Snoring is not a disease, but often becomes a serious obstacle for your partner's sleep and may indicate other medical conditions, such as obstructive sleep apnea. There are several methods to help you stop snoring naturally.

Tuck a pillow

One of the most effective ways to help you stop snoring is to change your position during sleep. It is known that sleeping on your back makes snoring worse because in this position the airways become narrower and reduce airflow. Use a specially designed pillow that works by keeping your head to the side or provides the necessary support for your head and neck during sleep. Anti-snore pillows improve breathing and allow more comfortable sleep.

Practice singing

Snoring sounds are caused by flabby muscles in the throat. Several studies showed that singing can relieve snoring naturally by keeping your throat muscles toned. Practicing singing and voice exercises for at least twenty minutes regularly was proved to be an effective snoring remedy.

Add some essential oils

Aromatherapy is widely used to help you cope with sleep problems. Essential oils that are used to stop snoring act by soothing breathing, relaxing the throat muscles by reducing tension in this area and eliminating dryness in the throat. You can either use a diffuser with aroma oils to inhale the blend, a mist spray or use essential oils for relaxing massage. The most common oils to help you stop snoring are marjoram oil, eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil, thyme oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil and others.

Apply oral breathing devices

In many cases, adjusting the right position of the tongue and soft palate is the most effective way to keep you from snoring. Oral breathing devices were designed to position the palate up and forward, thus opening your airways. These appliances fits inside your mouth or are worn around your head, and changing the position of your lower jaw. Oral breathing devices are worn at night regularly and should have a correct fit to avoid certain problems.

Use nasal strips

If snoring is caused by nasal congestion, you can try using nasal strips. Special nasal strips are placed on the nose, widening the nasal passages to improve breathing. Nasal strip go in the form of elastic bands that are applied across the nose and elevate the sides of nose to help you stop snoring naturally.