5 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Sex Muscles

Feb 17, 2010
It is known that women, who have strong pelvic floor, have more intense orgasms and experience more sexual pleasure. There are also a number of ways that can help you strengthen your pelvic floor or sex muscles for better sex.

Do the Kegels

Kegel exercises have numerous benefits for your sex life. They help to have better control over your sexual performance, increase sexual pleasure during the intercourse and make it easier to reach an orgasm. Kegel exercises not only strengthen your vaginal muscles, but make them tighter. To practice Kegel exercises you need to contract your pelvic floor muscles for 5 seconds and release. You can begin with 10-20 contractions and gradually increase the frequency and the amount of contractions.

Buy a vibrator

Doing Kegel exercises can be even more fun if you use a vibrator. Using a vibrator or vibrating dildo is a pleasurable way to tone your muscles because you will have to contract your muscles against a resistance and vibrating function will add some buzz action to your work out. Besides, you will learn to have a better control during intercourse.

Have More Orgasms

While doing regular pelvic floor exercises can significantly strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, orgasms themselves are great exercises for pelvic muscles. During orgasm, pelvic floor muscles can contract up to 15 times at almost 1 second interval. This not only improves pelvic floor strength, but also tones other muscles of your body and improves your sexual stamina.

Use a Pelvic Toner

You can also use special devices to tone your sex muscles. Today you can find a variety of Kegel exercisers, like pelvic weights and cones, pelvic toners, and stimulators. They are designed to give you a better feedback, making it easier for you to learn how intense you squeeze your pelvic muscles.

Wear High Heels

High heels may not be so bad for your health, at least for your sex life. The Italian study showed that women, who wear high heels, can strengthen pelvic floor muscles. The thing is that when feet are held at 15 degree angle to the ground, which happens when a woman wears two inches heels, the pelvic floor muscles are located at an ideal position for strengthening pelvic floor muscles. However, specialists say that the higher heels are not always the better and warn against wearing stilettos. Heels that are slightly high will be optimal for your sex muscles.


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