What Type of Condom Is Right For You?

Nov 02, 2011
Many men are reluctant to use the condom simply because they think that sex will be less pleasurable with condom. However, nowadays there is such a variety of condom types that everyone can find the type that meets your and your partner's expectations.

You are allergic to latex

Though the cases of latex allergy are quite rare, if you have any warning signs of latex allergy, there is no reason to risk your health. You can try a condom made of different material like lambskin condom that are not only thinner but are also suitable for those, who are sensitive to latex.

Suggestions: Trojan Natural Lamb Lubricated Condom, Lifestyles' SKYN condom, Naturlamb Trojan Condoms

You want to last longer

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, which is a wide-spread problem for many men, you may need to try desensitizing condom or those that are meant for extended pleasure. Usually they have desensitizing lubricant that helps prolong pleasure.

Suggestions: Trojan Extended Pleasure Premium Latex Condoms, Durex Performax Condom

You think condom reduces sensitivity

If you think that using condoms makes sex less enjoyable, opt for ultra thin condoms. They are thinner than regular condoms and feel just like second skin. They also effectively protect against STD's and unwanted pregnancy.

Suggestions: Crown Skinless Skin Condoms, Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms, Beyond Seven Condoms

You want something special for your partner

Here you have a great variety of choices for you and your partner. You may try textured condoms with ribs and bumps that provide extra pleasure during sex. There are also condoms with larger top or twisting shape that allows you and your partner feel more pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Suggestions: Impulse Bare Pleasure Condoms, Durex Love Condoms, LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Sheer Pleasure Condoms, Durex Her Sensation

You want safer oral sex

If you partner is hesitant about performing oral sex or is concerned about its safety, you may try a flavored condom that comes with a different flavors, like mint, banana, chocolate, strawberry and others. The use of such condoms makes oral sex more "tasty" for your partner. However specialists do no recommend using them for intercourse, since this type of condoms may increase the risk of developing yeast infection.

Suggestions: Durex Tropical and Scented Flavored Condoms, Depot's Flavored Sampler MAX, Trustex Assorted Colors Flavored Condoms

You are too big

If you do not use condoms because it feels uncomfortable during sex, you may have chosen the wrong sized condom. In fact, many men find sex less enjoyable if the condom size does not match their penis size. Try large or extra large condoms that are designed for extra comfort for those men who have wider or larger than average penis.

Suggestions: Trustex Extra Large, Trojan Magnum XL Extra Large Latex Condoms, LifeStyles Kyng Premium Large Condoms

You want to have some fun

Having sex in the dark and find it difficult to put it on without lights on? Then try glow-in-the-dark condom that has special pigment, making your manhood glow in its glory. This type of condom adds spice and fun to your sex games.

Suggestions: ONE Glowing Pleasure Condom, Night Light Condoms