Whiz Freedom: Lady's Way to Urinate Standing Up

Aug 14, 2009
If you were ever worried about dirty public toilets, than you might wish women could pee standing up. Now, you have this opportunity using the hygienic and comfortable device called Whiz Freedom.

Whiz Freedom is a urine director that is meant for women of all ages, who have an active lifestyle or have mobility problems. For those, who do not want to sit on unhygienic public toilets, the device is an ideal option. You can simply urinate standing up like a man without touching the seat.

Whiz Freedom can be worn anywhere on any occasion, especially for outdoor activities, sports, while traveling and during other events t, when there is an urgent need to go to the toilet. It is especially useful for women, who have frequent urge to urinate, like pregnant women or for little ladies, who start learning to wee gracefully.

This product will be your personal urine director that can be taken anywhere with you. Whiz Freedom is FDA approved and awarded with 2009 Medical Design Excellence Award. The device is made of medical grade plastic with antibacterial properties that can be reused. It is also quite easy to wash and care for. You can be sure that with Whiz Freedom you won't deal with leakage, overfilling or splashbacks.