WhyCry Baby Crying Analyzer Tells Why a Baby is Crying

Mar 03, 2010
Many new moms and dads are adored by the innocent look of their baby, but find it quite hard to resist baby's constant crying. Persistent and piercing crying of a baby is difficult to deal with even for the most patient parents. Since crying is the only way a newborn baby can tell about his or her needs, many parents are at loss when they hear constant screams of their child.

The The Why Cry Baby Crying Analyzer
seems to know how to help first-time parents to find a peace of mind. The gadget analyzes the power at which the baby is crying, crying intervals and frequencies of crying and shows a result in a form of mood image on a display. The signal is received through microphone and processed in about 20 seconds. Then you will see a hungry, annoyed, sleepy, bored or stressed mood image on a display.

Knowing one of these basic reasons of baby crying, parents can satisfy baby's needs quicker and more efficiently, which is very important for the child health. The WhyCry Baby Crying Analyzer also has thermometer and humidity sensor to notify parents if some environmental factors could play a role in baby's crying.

The device is clinically tested and is claimed to be more than 90 percent accurate in identifying the reasons of baby crying.

With the time, when parents learn to understand crying patterns better, they will be able to make their baby happy easier and quicker. This will definitely contribute to better understanding between parents and their child and better mental and physical health of the whole family.