Withings Smart Baby Monitor Sends Data to Your iPhone

Jan 10, 2011
At the recent CES (largest consumer technology show) Withings has presented several health gadgets, such as Withings blood pressure monitor that can be connected to iPhone and other devices.

Withings Smart Baby Monitor is another device that deserved attention of tech-loving consumers. This small-sized device may not look like conventional baby monitor, but has just as many features or even more that allow you to watch over your little one from the distance.

It features high-resolution 3-megapixel camera that sends all the data to a connected device, such as your computer, iPhone, smartphone, e-reader and others with the help of almost any network path. The Withings Smart Baby Monitor is equipped with night vision, temperature, movement, sound and humidity sensors. If you need to say those warm words, being far away from your child, you can use a microphone for this purpose.

You can also play music to your child with this monitor for calming or otherwise energizing effect. The Withings Smart Baby Monitor is expected to be available at the end of March.